Royal Hotel, Bath


  1. High energy bills
  2. Inefficient space heating
  3. Long delay getting hot water on top floor


  1. Re-lamped throughout, converting from incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs
  2. Replaced 30-year old boilers and lagged all under-floor hot-water pipes
  3. Installed heavily insulated hot-water tank on top floor


  1. Halving of electricity bills from re-lamping, plus freeing up approx. Half a day a week of maintenance time from not having to change burned-out bulbs re-lamping paid for itself in about six weeks.
  2. 20% reduction in gas bills
  3. ‘Hot water delay’ on top floor cut from 10-12 minutes to less than 1


Lower running costs, more staff time, higher quality service.

by Simon,