Our services

Our range of services has been carefully developed to help you maximise profitability - quantify all costs, simplify reporting, and implement more cost-effective operations. More efficient operation, higher margin.



By collating all resource-use data in one place, we show total cost. We then analyse the whole lot, producing a carbon profile to highlight the greatest potential for cutting overheads - and lower overheads mean higher profits. 

To quantify, we use: 


  • web application (click 'Discover savings' in the top-bar and have a go...) 
  • Input: Annual resource-costs
  • Output: Likely cost savings 

Asks for thirteen numbers to log annual use, then estimates what you could save 


  • standalone Excel tool  
  • Input: Monthly usage and cost data for each type of consumption 
  • Output: Organised annual datasets of consumption and cost 

Cues you which info to collect, then gives you a place to store it 


  • standalone VBA tool  
  • Input: Monthly usage and cost data for each type of consumption OR pre-gathered dataset from dataCollator 
  • Output: Action plan. Targets + Metrics. Carbon profile / footprint / intensity / budget. Environmental aspects register (ranked in tonnes CO2 e). 

Audits consumption, maps usage, prioritises actions, profiles emitted carbon, and quantifies ISO14001 aspects register - from which it defines metrics, sets targets, tracks performance



Once quantified, the dataset you’ve assembled sketches all your business activities - so you can hang a system around it and simplify how you manage them. You’ve measured what you do, so now you can see which metrics to use, where to set targets, how to track improvements. ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environment, BS OHSAS 18001 for health & safety – each is built around a Plan-Do-Check-Review cycle, so they interlock. Keep it simple.  

Energy audits

You now know what you spend on energy, and how much you use – so look around and check how you use it and whether the numbers balance. Double energy book-keeping… 


If you’ve logged your energy-use, you will have raised questions and spotted possible improvements. A resource-efficiency review notes these down, prompts you with a checklist, then summarises everything you find - to prioritise into an action plan.   

Management systems 

We can install and help you implement and document an:  

  • ISO 9001 management system for quality  
  • ISO 14001 for environmental  
  • ISO 16001 or ISO50001 for energy  
  • BS OHSAS 18001 for health & safety  

These can be implemented and documented in any combination.  

Carbon reporting 

From the usage dataset you’ve assembled, we can provide: 

  • a carbon footprint report - often a requirement in procurement processes 
  • a carbon reduction plan - part of many Planning applications 
  • a carbon budget - not yet common (but it will be…)  
  • ISAE 3410 - if you need your accounting to include carbon 
  • a CRC Energy Efficiency report - if the Regulations apply to you 
  • Airport Carbon Accreditation - if you’re an airport … 



Over the years, working with networks of suppliers, we’ve built up knowledge of the best equipment currently available, how to finance it, and who’s best at installing it.  We’ll show you how to make yours the most cost efficient, low-carbon organisation possible – and how to future-proof yourself against ever-changing expectations and regulations. We’ll bring you the expertise and products to: 

Switch energy tariff  

  • Free tariff review through the e-broker system 
  • Recommendation of your best-available tariff  

Find energy-efficient heating, cooling, insulation, controls

  • Advice and analysis via conversation or on-site review 
  • Pointers to the most appropriate products 

Install renewable energy 

  • Explanation of what’s available, which would work best, and possible pitfalls 
  • Financial landscape of costs, incentives, feed-In tariffs … and risks  

These products and services are provided either directly or through trusted suppliers and  providers.  And if needed we can provide training on any of the above topics, for any composition of audience, in any type of venue, to whatever level of formal accreditation is required.